Poems Online

“Mire” and “Ledger from a Year of Drought,” Diode Poetry Journal, Spring 2023

“Time Capsule: Us,” Allium: A Journal of Poetry and Prose, Spring 2022

“Lullaby With Fireflies and Rising Seas,” Verse Daily, Spring 2022

“Bury Me in the Woods of My Childhood,” The Slowdown, Winter 2021

“Time Capsule: The Poem,” FERAL : A Journal of Poetry and Art, Summer 2021

“The Poem Begins With Us Surviving,” Bracken Magazine, Spring 2021

“Tipping Point, Still Point,” SWWIM Every Day, Fall 2020

“Forgive Me, I’ve Forgotten,” The West Review, Summer 2020

“On Being Out of the Woods,” The West Review, Summer 2020

“Time Capsule: Days of Ash from Elsewhere,The Shore, Summer 2020

“Time Capsule: The Fallow Deer,” Muzzle Magazine, Spring 2020

“Preservation Lessons,” The Rumpus Enough Series, Spring 2020 (scroll down to see poem)

“I was the girl who jumped first” and “Time Capsule: The Uneven Field, The Adroit Journal, Issue 29, Summer 2019

“While Hunting Mummies at the British Museum,” Blackbird, Vol. 18 No.1, Spring 2019

“Maybe it Was Summer,” Blackbird, Vol. 18 No. 1, Spring 2019

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“My Daughter Talks About the Future,” Rise Up Review, Issue 11, Winter 2018

If No Energy Can Be Created of Destroyed,” Verse Daily, Winter 2017 (originally published in The Pinch Journal)

“Caesura,” winner of the 2017 Montreal International Poetry Prize, selected by Michael Harris

Elegy with Due Date,” and “Elegy Tangled with Silk and Spice,” Tinderbox Poetry Journal, Issue 4.3

At the War Remnants Museum, formerly the Museum of American War Crimes: Unknown Soldier,” and “At the War Remnants Museum, formerly the Museum of American War Crimes: Agent Orange Exhibit,” Matter, Issue 20

The Body Compass,” Verse Daily, April 2017 (originally published in Rock and Sling)

“The President’s face is not,” and “A train fused to track and night flooding,” The Adroit Journal, Issue 18

“Transfusion,” “Elegy Proving Airplanes Don’t Fly on Shared on Belief,” “Elegy with Scrambled Itinerary,” “Elegy for a Sea Hare,” and “Elegy for My Brother’s Childhood Monster,” Connotation Press, Volume VII

“Watching you Fight, I Recall The White City,” and “Immolation Lessons,” Pinwheel, Issue 10

Little Brother,” Drunken Boat, Issue 23

Giant Slalom,” Verse Daily, March 2016 (originally published in Ninth Letter)

The Mall Age,” Verse Daily, February 2016 (originally published in Cimarron Review)

Of the Tribe of Summer,” and “Huntress,” Cider Press Review, Volume 17

The Doppler Effect,” Tupelo Quarterly, TQ5

The Woman in the Market,” Cumberland River Review, Issue 3-4

Leaving Labor and Delivery,” Verse Daily, March 2014 (originally published in Colorado Review, winner of a 2013 Intro Journals Award from AWP)

“Written One-handed While Breastfeeding,” “Two Nights in Room Nineteen,” and “My Mother’s Thighs,” Verse Wisconsin, Issue 112 (“Two Nights in Room Nineteen” was selected by Dorianne Laux for Best New Poets 2014)